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Trip for Kuala Lumpur 

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I've just returned from Kuala Lumpur.
There were various kinds of people and cultures, it was diver city like Singapore.

On the first day, I arrived at Kuala Lumpur early in the morning, so I had a lot of free time.
I went to BATU CAVE which is a holy place of Hindu, it was so mysterious.
When I entered into the cave and turn off the light, silence and darkness encompassed me.
It was so beautiful sight that sunlight was shining on between the rocks.

On the second day, I performed a presentation at a famous security conference with my colleges.
I think it went well, I hope we will be able to speak other conferences we aim to do.

On the final day, we went sightseeing.
We visited various places, Islamic art museum, Masjid negara(a Hindu chapel) and Kuala Lumpur Tower etc.
At night, after swimming in the hotel's pool, we went out to drinking district.

I completely and fully enjoyed Kuala Lumpur.
Probably busy days will be waiting for me from next week, but I can manage them while looking forward to the next trip.


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