Processes of suffering or struggling for something are never be vain even if they make no outputs.

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I've just finished two years of my secondment period.

In the beginning , I'd been suffering or struggling everyday
since both works and environment changed completely compared with my past.
I might have felt more pressure than I recognized.

I almost gave up sometimes, but I was afraid that my career of eleven years was going to end if I gave up.

I said to myself that only I could do was stepping forward little by little,
so I made my efforts seeking better way.

I got use to utilize my brains effectively and realize that
I could play one of important roles in the organization without my noticing.

It have become clear that everyone had been suffering or struggling just same as me
by talking our real feelings.

I feel little relieved and suppose that everyone might make effort in real
even who seems to be clever by nature.

"Processes of suffering or struggling for something are never be vain
even if they make no outputs."
: a words my respective colleague told me is exactly true.

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