Having dinner with my respective professor

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私が在籍していた時とは、研究の内容も、研究室のIT環境などの動向なども 変わっているとのことで、時の流れと、IT環境の変化の速さを実感^^;

UNIX系OSをコマンドラインベースで使う生徒さんが減っている傾向にあるというのは、 驚きました。

GUIがあるUnixでも、インストール後真っ先にSSHログイン有効にして、 その後ターミナルしか使わないのが定着してしまってた。 今度、講義の1コマで話さないかと光栄なお話をいただきましたが、 1回生から見ると私はほぼダブルエイジなんですね。。


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I had an opportunity to talk with my respective professor while having dinner.
We haven't seen long time, so I was glad to be able to have some time off.
He has plenty of knowledge not only for his particular field but also for other area.
I want to be an well-informed person following his lead.

I realized how fast time is passing, and how rapidly IT change very to heard that research themes or IT environment in lab had changed significantly compared with my generation.
I was surprised that current students tend to use GUI rather than CUI in UNIX, since using terminal only is rooted in me even for UNIX with GUI.

I was grateful to receive an invitation to talk in a university class, in fact my age is almost double their age.
(I don't want to face up to the fact :-) )

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