MT ブログを立ち上げました

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face book との連携は "FacebookPoster" というプラグインを使ってます。


このプラグインはface book 開発者向け連携機能を使ってるみたいです。便利。




最近すっかりface bookも投稿していないので、これを機会に少しづつ投稿していきたいと思います。

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Recently I've been configuring my server (such as DSN service or web sites etc) since I 'd gotten my own domain.

As part of this, I started this MT blog.
However I forgot many of MT as I've not used it since I left my university.

I use FacebookPoster plugin for linking MT with facebook.
This plugin seems like using a facebook function for developers, it's well-considered.
But we have to alter souce codes of the plugin because of its specification change.

It seems like little hassle to adopt SSL for MT, since I've already configured MT.

Anyway, it is fun for me that I can use many services running on my own server, moreover I can braced myself up for configuring on public server.

I haven't published facebook blog for a long time, so I'll publish something nice information on this occasion.

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